Yoga Brunch Honestly Healthy

On Sunday my friend and I went to Beach Blanket Babalon for the Honestly Healthy yoga brunch. The Amazing Julie Montagu (The Flexie Foodie) led the class and having read up all about her I was super excited to meet her, maybe even a little star struck?


The yoga was Vinyasa Flow which got hot and sweaty quickly, it was challenging but not too challenging for a Sunday morning and the hour went by very fast.

After settling into shavasana (corpse pose) we set our personal intention for the rest of the day. How often do we take time to think about the day ahead, yet such a powerful thing that we should all make time to do.

We then made our way to another room for our beautiful brunch. The table was awash with colour from the different Plenish bottles to the Maca and Almond smoothie absolutely divine! Then came our cooked breakfast, no words can express how amazing it tasted. Wilted spinich has never tasted so good!


At the end we were given fabulous Honestly Healthy goodie bags packed full of lovely things, needless to say I thouroghly enjoyed every minute of it and would highly recommend going to one of these events, but book fast they sell out like hot gooey vegan brownies!

Thanks for reading