Yoga At the Shard

I entered a competition on Twitter with Organic Burst and Yogasphere UK and amazingly I won a yoga session at the top of the shard.

After finding out that I had to be there at 8am on Saturday morning I decided to make a weekend of it. I booked my husband, myself and my two small children into an apartment which was only 7 minutes away from The Shard.

Im going to let you into a little secret, I have no of sense direction, so armed the next morning with my iPhone and Maps loaded and leaving the others snuggled in bed with a packet of biscuits I ventured out. With two small detours (don”t tell my husband) I arrived at the Shard in 12 minutes, no jokes about how I can”t find the tallest building in Europe.


I joined a que which I guessed was the yogasphere que by the beautiful array of colourful leggings. Once we entered the building the security checks were very strict but we were all allowed access into the lift. This first lift was just amazing, there was a screen in the ceiling which mimicked the top of the shard and the music playing made us feel like we were in a James Bond movie, this lift took us to level 33, we were then escorted to another lift which took us to level 68!



It really is beautiful at the top, although it seems surreal in some ways. Everyone was taking pictures of themselves in various yoga poses with the beautiful views in the background.

I hadn”t even thought about the yoga poses I was just in awe of the views. I was feeling quite nervous even though I have been practising yoga for nearly 3 years.



I decided to focus on my awesome socks at an attempt to calm my nerves but as soon as the lovely Mandy started to talk I felt myself relax, which made me completely forget that I was 306 metres up in the air.

The class was shared by Mandy and Leo both very different teachers. There were many different levels online casino of people in there and there was plenty of challenges for the more experienced yogi, at the end an opportunity for pigeon pose and headstand too.

Leo made a lovely reference at the end to the Cow. The cow being the most sacrid animal in Hinduism. He encouraged us to say thank you to anyone who had ever called us a cow in our life as they unknowingly were saying we were sacrid and loved.

At the end we were invited to take our time to enjoy the beautiful view, and even encouraged to go up to Level 72 which was outside at the very top.


I managed to get a snap of me with Mandy and Leo and had the absolute pleasure in also meeting Laurie who makes stunning art inspired yoga leggings. More on Laurie for my next post.

We were were all given a fabulous goodie bag at the end, everyone loves a goodie bag!

I had a wonderful time and my only wish is that I could do it every week, such an amazing way to start the weekend. Thank you so much Yogasphere UK andOrganic Burst for truly wonderful experience.Thanks  for reading