Slow Motion

I have been to the Isle of Wight several times in my lifetime as a child, a teenager, and an adult with my own children. There is something about the small island that I just love. So when I saw that there was a new festival within Bestival happening that was all about yoga, healthy food and peace I was there in a heartbeat.For personal reasons I did have to take my children with me and this seemed at first like it may be troublesome, but once we had arrived at slow motion we realised that this inner festival catered brilliantly for small people and childish adults alike. Lizzies way was one of the first places you come to when you approach slow motion which was situated at the top of a hill overlooking the mayhem of Bestival.


Lizzies way invited family’s and children in with a mud kitchen encouraging mud Muriel’s, glitter potions and mushroom stools to sit on. There were circus toys, unicycles, hoolahoops, drums, musical instruments, circus folk and of course an amazing magician. So after setting my children and husband up, I ventured excitedly towards the yoga turt.The yoga yurt had a session on every hour which throughout the weekend stayed completely on time. There was as astanga yoga, hip hop yoga, restorative yoga, flying yoga the list goes on and on. There was defiantly something for everyone to enjoy from beginner to pro.


I planned what yoga I wanted to do and went off again to explore. The next thing I came across was the new craft society, where you chose a bag or shirt, chose a colour and a design and were shown how to tie dye it yourself. Next door were food face masks and make your own beautiful fresh flower hair garland. The food, well the amazing Pip and nut were there offering toast with your choice of their scrumptious nut spread topped with bananas, chocolate shavings, and berries. This for me was a definitive high light as Festival food doesn’t normally offer much other than burgers and fries!

Whilst walking around tucking into my toast there people randomly practising headstands others were just chilling taking in the scene below of the mayhem and loudness of the main festival.

IMG_8096 (1)

If this all sounds a bit too relaxing to you think again, at the very top of the hill there were ‘The Fitties’ . These guys and gals were here to shed a little light on it all and encouraged a little light hearted fun! The energy that emanated off of this Lycra clad gang was addictive. They drew you in to there little world of fun by asking if you were fit or not fit? It didnt matter what time of day you passed these Fitties they were up to something. Weightlifting with polystyrene Dumbbells, jumping on a trampoline or encouraging you to strip off to your pants and slide down the hill on a water slide that they had made! I could have stood and watched their antics for hours. The message was clear don’t take yourself too seriously and it worked!



Have you ever been to a spinning class before? The ride revolution was spinning with a difference, live djs, discos lights, and instructors with the most crazy amount of energy. But wait, this was not your usual spin class, so whilst your legs were racing we copied the instructor with DISCO arms and jazz hands. This was pure light hearted fun but boy were you sweaty when you finished!So now to relax again and de sweat I found myself in a beautiful area all about astrology, horoscopes, tarot readings and other spiritual things happening. With the amount of adrenaline now running through my body I couldn’t concentrate in there for too long.Onwards and upwards was the Swedish hot bath area, this was situated right at the very top over looking the whole of robin hill which was pretty mindblowing! There you were invited to slip into a beautiful steaming tub whilst a sipping on some champagne. Sheer bliss considering you have prob been sleeping in a tent for a few days! There were showers  and hair drying facilities to use afterwards and the cost for this was extremely reasonable.

Once you have finished there it’s a lovely walk back down to the main Bestival area, it almost feels like a little holiday away from it all, and refreshes you ready to start partying again with the colourful, crazily dressed masses enjoying the loud booming music coming from the great ship! 


On the Sunday morning I got up early as I wanted to do the brilliantly named “Hangover yoga”. Whilst relaxing into child’s pose we were suddenly aware of music coming from the main stage. On further listening I quickly realised that this was indeed Missy Elliot doing her sound check. Some people may have found this irritating, some may have got angry but this made my weekend. For me the message again was clear relax, take time out but don’t take yourself too seriously! So with a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart I embraced this incredible experience of doing yoga whilst listening to one of the most amazing artist of all time. I mean yoga, singing, it’s all part of a creativeness we have inside us, why should they not go together?

Thank you Missy and Slow motion for the most incredible experience. I simply cannot wait until next year!