Raw, Vegan Almond Butter Ice Cream

Seeing as the weather has been so warm and bright I needed something ice cold and sweet to eat. So I made up some yummy but healthy ice creamed bananas. My first tip with this recipe is its much easier if you already have frozen bananas in your freezer. So if you ever have too many bananas at home and you know your not going to eat them before they turn, just peel them and cut them up into small chunks and pop them into the freezer for a special day that requires ice creamed bananas.

Take 2 chopped already frozen bananas and put them into a food processor.

Now here is the secret.

You have to whizz them for a really long time so don’t despair just keep going making sure you stop every so often to give your food processor a little break and scrap the banana from the sides of the food processor. Eventually the banana will turn from lumpy to a bit lumpier then to crumbly. Once your at the crumbly stage add the following ingredients:

2 Tbs almond butter (I use Meridian nut butters)

2 Tbs Sweet Freedom or maple syrup

1/2 Tsp cinnamon

50g pecans

Whizz again untill the mixture starts to get smooth.

Spoon the creamy mixture into individual bowls and scatter whole or chopped pecans on the top. You can refreeze the mixture as well so that you can prepare before hand. But it has more creaminess if served immediately.

This recipe makes 3 servings.

What does this recipe do for my body?

Bananas contain slow release sugars and help strengthen bones,

Almond Butter is rich in vitamin E supporting our brain, skin and respiratory system,

Pecan Nuts are also high in vitamin E alongside Vitamin B-6 too. Helping our skin, bones and brain.

Stay cool