OB Hangout

I have been using Organic Burst products for nearly a year now and love adding them to everything I cook, bake and drink. So when they released tickets to the first OBHangout I was ecstatic! Although there was one problem they sold out in minutes. I’m really not surprised a this company is an absolute whizz on the social media front and there products really do speak for themselves. But I got lucky along with a few others, the fabulous team at OB released a few more tickets and I was ready and waiting to grab one when they went on sale.


So a few weeks later the much anticipated  OB hangout is finally here and I’m early which is very rare, luckily I’m not the only one. I met a lovely girl and we quickly realised that we were both followed each other on social media, when we got inside my wonderful new friend told me more of whose who.

We all follow, like and favorite people and we all have our tribe but how often do you actually meet these people in person? It was very surreal to meet people who you feel you already know because of your obsession with their IG food account (@mango&bliss).

So the day started with a creamy and filling Maca smoothie and we had an inspirational talk from Kevin @fitmencook followed by a very relaxed cooking session. We got to sample some amazing spirilina (WARNING inappropriate content) power balls with different toppings and some yummy healthy biscuits too. We also had time to mingle and meet the OB family. I say family because they really are that close. Ariana is so full of energy as is Dimi and Katya the founders of Organic burst. Chloe and Claire are a wealth of nutritional  information and Michelle and the social media girls were none stop on the phones whilst answering all of our questions.


The main thing that I noticed about every member of the OB family was just how full of life they all were, and not a caffeine pretend high,  just high on life oozing freshness and glowing from head to toe. I mean this is the purpose of their company as Dimi repeatedly says ‘to become a better you’. Not to be skinny or trying to be like someone else but to be true to yourself by nourishing your body to be its best. They have gone and done the hard research and found these amazing organic super foods with no extra nasties in them and have shared them with us so that we can become as full of life as them. Dimi  expresses this is a movement and I for one am defiantly in.

I don’t think I have ever come across a company so vibrant and honest before. Every one of the OB family has a passion for all things organic and pure and this is just so infectious. by the time I leave I want to shout from the rooftops just how authentic and dynamic this company is.

As I write this it is Sunday evening and I am still buzzing with ideas of how to add these super foods into new recipes. I also cannot wait to go to next years OBHangout and spend some more time with these infectiously beautiful people.

Thank you OB family for having me at your hugley successful 1st OBHangout.

With love and gratitude