Lemon & Ginger

So, how many of us drag ourselves up just so that we can make a cup of coffee before we can even think about starting our day? Too many of us, right?

Well I’m sure some you have heard that lemon and ginger in warm water in the mornings is good for you. Well I am here to tell you that it’s actually way better than GOOD! In fact it’s powers are flipping marvellous!

So here are the top 5 awesome reasons for swapping your morning coffee for lemon and ginger.


Lemons are naturally rich in vitamin C, keeping skin bright and dewy. Vitamin C also helps to smooth fine wrinkles and calm acne.


Warm water on its own is very soothing to your system, but adding a squeeze of lemon can help flush out toxins from your body due to the pectin they contain. Helping with constipation and diarrhea – woo-hoo!


This concoction can help sooth colds and flus, especially if you add a bit of honey too.


Adding grated or sliced ginger to your lemon water can really help as an anti inflammatory. It’s said to help with arthritis induced problems, including minor aches and pains. This wonderful root also helps with a whole lot of stomach issues as it soothes the tummy, making you feel happier from the inside out.


 And lastly, this beautiful elixir will help kick-start your metabolism in the mornings which can aid weight loss.

So there you go, all the reasons for swapping. I like to make mine in a large teapot with half a squeezed lemon and I use my garlic crusher for the ginger. leave to steep for 5 mins then I use a small tea strainer over my favorite cup and enjoy!

Thanks for reading