I  love kombucha and so I asked my husband to get me some when he was passing the local health food shop (which I can never find on account of me being really rubbish with directions)

On his return home he proudly handed me a jar with something strange in it. He looked like a hero, hand outstretched with the prize that HE thought would gain him untold husband points (Husband points are when they do a good job and then get to have things they really want….you know what I mean. Not to be mixed up with going out points which is more like tennis “you went out for x amount of hours drinking with your friends and so I now have x amount of going out points to spend with my friends shopping or at a spa…..with your credit card") sorry I digress.

So I asked WTF was it…..his proud face disappeared and he looked something like a puppy next to a big pile of poo!

"Your Kombucha?" he replied "the lady said you had to feed it but I guessed you knew that?"

Well thank goodness for google, I read every website I could find and my home kombucha kitchen began. Within weeks I had loads of SCOBY’S (A SCOBY - symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Basically it is a mushroom looking slimy alien thing)

So after fuelling many people with my Kombucha I decided that it was time to branch out a little (I have way too many Scobys now)


So here is my recipe for how to make Bendy Melons Kombucha

You will need:

2 litre jar

1 litre water

Tea  (loose 2 teaspoons or bag 2, green or black)

4 tablespoons sugar

1 Scoby

A little starter kombucha 

Elastic band 

Bottle for storing when finished (flip top lid is good, but screw will do)

Kitchen Roll

wooden utensils (metal reacts with the scoby. Scobys have feelings ya know!)

Firstly make your tea with 1 litre of boiling water and let it stew for 5 mins or longer depending on the tea or bag. 

Remove the tea leaves or bag

Add the sugar and stir well until dissolved using wooden utensils.

Let it completely cool

Add your starter kombucha (the liquid around your scoby) stir well

Finally gently add your scoby

Pop a muslin cloth or kitchen towel over the lid and secure with an elastic band. 

Place the kombucha in a warm place but not somewhere too warm so a kitchen larder or cupboard. 

Now the length of time it takes for the kombucha to be ready is  variable. I would leave for 5 days and then try a little. The perfect taste is dependent on your own personal taste so try some and see what you think. It should taste a little sweet but with an acidic edge. so keep checking every few days until you have reached your own perfect kombucha taste . 

When you have the perfect flavour then you can take out the scoby (more may have grown) and and pour into a clean bottle.

Always leave enough kombucha in the jar to cover the scoby as this is the starter kit for the next batch

Leave the bottle for a few days in the cupboard and this is where the fizz occurs, then your kombucha is ready to drink! 

Once your kombucha is finished you can then add different flavours using fresh berries, ginger, or other fruit. Just pop some slices into the bottle and leave for a few more days. 

There are too many benefits of drinking kombucha for me to write so read more here and more details about kombucha can be found here

As I mentioned I spent a long time researching different websites and trying different recipes to get to this recipe which I love but its all down to personal taste so have a read and a play around and find your perfect kombucha!