Interview with Laurie Nouchka

If you read  my earlier post, Yoga at the Shard, then you will know that I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Laurie Nouchka whilst I was there. Here’s a snippet from her website that explains a bit more about what she does.

Artist Laurie Nouchka creates limited edition drawings and paintings that lift her art work off the canvas onto her uniquely designed range of fashion focused and contemporary sports-luxe wear.

Infused with the expertise of fashion designers, her observational drawings of iconic buildings are translated as geometric and linear forms into repeated patterns across a range of carefully designed garments. The vibrant, abstracted prints reflect the dynamic rhythms of urban living offset by the functional, clean lines of the collection.

I had the opportunity to ask Laurie a few more questions about herself and her collection.

Hi Laurie how are you?

I’m very well thank you. The sun has been out all day so things are great in fact.

What are you doing right now?

I’m in between massage clients. Checking in on social media and responding to emails. My life is a constant juggling act at the moment but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where do you call home?

London. Very much. Though I grew up in Suffolk and was there at the weekend. Every time I reach the Suffolk coast I feel like a rod roots me to my foundations. It’s quite a powerful feeling. But London is where most of my friends are, my extended family, and it’s where I switch on and switch off.

What’s your favourite country?

I love Europe as a continent – but I do love Spain and France in particular. I don’t know that I could pick. So much of my favourite things in life are associated with my memories of a place and I have very strong memories associated with both. I love the pace of life and the climate in both France and Spain.

Tell us about your exciting venture?

Laurie Nouchka started around two years ago with some inks, fabric and an idea. Tired of seeing my drawings on the walls of people’s houses and being an active person who does a lot of yoga and swimming I decided it would be great to be able to wear my drawings whilst being active…. And so the brand was born. It mixes art, style and healthy living. I create art: that you wear.

Where did the inspiration from the shard come from?

It wasn’t the Shard itself per-se but iconic buildings in general. The city is where I find my inspiration to paint and to me nothing identifies a city better than its iconic architecture. It started off with the Sagrada Familia – which I would draw for days on end while I was living in BCN for a brief period – and from there the buildings began to speak to me – they told the story of a city and it’s people. The abstract elements of the print aim to reflect that – the dynamic rhythms of city life and the stories that pass through it. I think we all relate to that. What the city means to us, the buildings we love and why. It just so happens that I make them in to patterns which seem to appeal to people.

What else inspires you?

Bodies. I tend to draw buildings and bodies only. Headless bodies at that. Not in a morbid or grotesque way but because it’s the structure of the body that I am drawn to draw. Like buildings, it’s the lines, contours and patterns that I aim to capture. The detail is of no concern to me – it’s the power and bold nature of our bodies and buildings.

What is your favourite time of the year?

Spring by far. When we wake up from the Winter and the blossom starts to come out, the days start to get longer and the sunsets begin to set the sky on fire. And the onset of the outdoor swimming season – as much as I don’t mind diving in to cold water, spring makes it that bit more enjoyable.

Do different seasons of the year inspire your designs?

I don’t think so. Though I tend to draw more when the sun is out, so perhaps.

What’s your favourite food?

Seafood. Paella. But has to be eaten in the right location.

Do you practise yoga yourself?

Yes, almost every day.

If yes how long have you been practising?

Around six years. It’s now a fundamental part of who and why I am. It has shaped and strengthened me in every sense.

Any thing else you would like to tell us about yourself.

It’s a pleasure to be making something that I enjoy creating and brings joy to others. For me art is to be shared, seen and in my case – worn. It’s wonderful to be connecting with people through my artwork and thank you for sharing in that.

Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to your web launch in April.

Thanks for reading