International Day of Yoga - Ibiza Yoga Festival

Sunday 21st June 2015 marked the very important Summer Solstice, this year it was extra special as it was the first ever international day of yoga. I had the amazing opportunity to spend the whole day doing yoga in the beautiful White Island of Ibiza.

The line-up

So let’s set the scene, the venue was Ibiza Rocks House @ Pikes. This place is off the hook, craziness on a new level. Apart from being the super hip place that George Michael filmed club tropicana there is also a giant gnome with his pants down, crocodiles on the roof and ducks in the pool!The yoga festival was created and organised by Jo Youle founder and teacher of Joga beats a funky upbeat yoga. (More on this in my next post)

As it was Father’s Day I missed the first session, but got there in time to do Body art with Nicole Gibard. This is a fantastic mix of yoga moves and cardio exercise which is so fun. Nicole’s positive affirmations and constant encouragement whilst we were doing it fantastically uplifting.After that we had guided meditation with Ross Stephenson which was well needed after the sweaty body art class. I’m not sure what happened  but I lost myself for 45 minutes so he must have been good.Next up was Larah Davis who did a flow style, and boy did it flow, so graceful from one move to the next and such a calm beautiful voice to guide us. Leanna Buchannen session was energising yet blissfully relaxing all in one, some areas were more vinyasa and others were more regenerating. At points she used beautiful smelling massage oil whilst we were in childs pose which enhanced the senses and made you relax deeper and more completely.Finishing the day was Acro yoga which I was unsure about after my totally relaxing session with Leanna, but decided to try it out.Well, this was an experience I will never forget Ola taught the class and she just radiated inner beauty and confidence. We learnt to fly like new baby birds (Ola’s expression) and it was incredible. The class encouraged trust to your partner and to yourself that you CAN fly and do whatever you set intention too.


A truly exhilarating way to finish the most perfect International Day of Yoga.

With love and gratitude to all the organisers, teachers and the fantastic location.