Food, Amazing Food!

Since I’ve started eating a clean diet and followed a healthier lifestyle I feel like I’m overflowing with information about foods and how they can energise you, so naturally I  have been trying to get my family to embrace this lifestyle too.


This has mostly been a success. My youngest two – easy, small children love new things. Kale chips don’t last 5 minutes around these two.

My stepdaughter was quite easy too as she is nearly 18 and realising the effects food has on her skin and mood. In fact she gave up chocolate for lent this year and I’m so proud of her!

My 12 year old, well she’s at that age that whatever I say she disagrees with. Actually with that in mind maybe I should try reverse psychology huuummmm??

My husband – I am  still working on him. Men, I think, are the hardest to change food habits unless of course its their idea (nod nod wink wink) But I am making progress he now has a protein smoothie every morning. Well…the mornings I make it for him at least.

I wished I had known how important a healthy lifestyle was when I was a young mother  just starting my family. I would defiantly had more energy and maybe been able to enjoy those early years with out being so fatigued, sad and grumpy.

By documenting my journey and sharing  my knowledge especially to my children I hope that they never have to go through some of the awful food related illnesses that I have had to endure. I hope that they lead a happy and healthy life free from pain and suffering and through the right food choices I know now that this is possible.

I mean isn’t that what we all want for our children?

Thanks for reading