Back to Ballet

So I recently decided to try out ballet again after 20 years! Mad yes, unprepared yes, but my friend was by my side and optimism run through my veins. After placing ourselves as far back as possible (without being in another hall) we began.

The first thing I noticed was how sleepy my brain was, I mean I used to do this sort of thing with my eyes closed. Not now though I’m desperately trying to master and remember the moves and my brains saying go away I’m sleeping.Now a few years ago when Nintendo DS were all the rage there was that brain training advert on televsion. I don’t know about you but I thought brain training huh?  I have 3 children a dog a husband (very demanding 4th child) step daughter, gym sessions, work commitments, house work, food planning and the list goes on.Hell my brain don’t need training, how I wished now I had taken heed.

By the end of the hour and a half my brain did start to SLOWLY wake up. At this point I might add that my body started to go to sleep!! I now understand the quote “use it or loose it “

All in all it was an enjoyable hour and half and I liked saying “oh Saturday sorry I can’t I’m going to ballet”

I’m going to go again and this time I may even try getting my leotard on!

Thanks for reading.