Another year older

Tomorrow is my birthday I will be turning 36. Birthdays are a funny thing, some years you feel elated and others you don’t, I guess we are cyclic beings after all.

When my husband asked me what do you want to do for your birthday I instantly replied “nothing who wants to celebrate getting another year older” 

Of course the moment that came out of my mouth I realised the power of what I had just said and it made me think about the past year and all of the things that I have achieved and new experiences that I have had. In this moment I suddenly saw birthdays for what they really are a marker to say “hey you have been on this earth and in this body for another 365 days WOW isn't that awesome!”

Sometimes when the monotonous structure of life takes hold of us it is easy to be flippant with our words and not think about what we are actually saying (I do this a lot) But as along as we catch ourselves after the thought and appreciate what we really have then we are growing and experiencing a full human experience.

So this saturday I am going to watch the sun rise (weather permitting) and the sunset on another day that just so happens to be the marker that means I have been on this earth and in this body for another 365 days.

WOW isn't that awesome!