An Attitude Of Gratitude

The kids are back to school, the decorations are down and your desperately trying to stop eating the chocolate that is still lurking in every corner of the house. Maybe you have started some new years resolutions? Maybe you have already given up some new years resolutions? We have all been there, full of excitement and enthusiasm, but by February the motivation has disappeared and your back to your old habits with even more dedication than before.

This year I decided to do something different, I decided to create a vision board. I dont know about you but I change my mind so often I thought this might be good to keep me on track to my dreams. So, armed with my laptop, canvas, and gluestick, I quickly realised that the fundamental part of creating a vision board is THAT know the one, yes you do....

What do you want to do that with your life?

Well the gluestick went down and I slumped realising that this has always been the hardest thing for me to answer. My husband says it to me often, "What do you want?? " Does anyone know what they want?

I didn't know where to start and in a moment of procrastination I went to Instagram to distract me from this difficult life question. It was whilst on Instagram that I decided to look at my own photos from the past year and began recalling the different experiences that I had had this year and looked at the faces of my loved ones. I realised that creating a life of abundance is not about things for me, its about creating memories and trying out new experiences surrounded by the people I love dearly. So with that in mind I started to create.

I jumped online and found photos of flowers that I love, printed out special photos of key people in my life who light me up, new experiences that I want to have, old experiences that I want to do again. I found cards that people have given me and cards of places that I love going to. Within an hour I was on a roll and feeling lighter than I had done for a long time. I was excited about the new things I was going to do and felt full of gratitude when I recalled special moments spent with loved ones.

Have I seen any magic happening yet I hear you ask.....not yet, but the act of creating this vision board I found so Cathartic. I have placed my vision board somewhere that I go everyday and I spend a few minutes each day just looking at it all. It puts me in an "Attitude of gratitude" and I can start to see my dreams really happening and the feeling associated with that is magic enough to start each day with a smile.

So why not give it a go, make sure you give yourself a few hours with no interruptions (No kids and maybe a glass of Vino) Or why not create an evening of it with your closest friends. Still unsure? Why not try creating within a group. My friend over at at The Midlife Mentor Is holding a small group this Saturday. (For more information on her workshop see the link below)

Just remember these are your visions, hopes and dreams so you cant really get them wrong, just have fun and dream BIG!

Stay Bendy!

Inspirational speaker that I LOVE is Prince Ea go check his you tube out.

This Saturday The Midlife Mentor Vision board Workshop.

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