A BIG Decision

Some of you may already know that we moved to Ibiza for the summer season a few weeks ago. My husband has worked over here the last few years now commuting over the season which we have all found very hard. So this year we decided to take the leap and go for it.

This was no easy decision to make when your trying to do the best for 3 children. My 2 youngest children were a bit upset at leaving school early and that they would miss there birthdays in England with all of their friends. But fortunatly the idea of pool and beach most days enticed them round.

My eldest daughter was another matter. She is a teenager and with that title comes strops, tantrums, tears and lots of hormones. She has a boyfriend you see, and they have not been together for long so of course she was bereft with grief at the prospect of having to leave him.

So after making the Big decision and actually telling people what we were doing, we packed up most of our house, got a passport for the dog and import/export licence for the tortoise and off we went.

We didn’t have internet for the first few days we were here and we had lots of tears from ‘the teenage’. As Im an adult I had to suffer in silence about not having instragram, twitter, Facebook and access to my blog!! Whilst telling the teenager (wiping away her and tears and rubbing her sobbing back) “Darling the internet shouldn’t be your whole world, you’ll make new friends, REAL friends not cyber friends”. How hypocritical we parents can be at times.

We have been here for 2 weeks now and settled into a nice routine. Its not too different to home with the exception of rain and of course missing my best friends terribly. I’m not sure what we would have done before FaceTime! ‘The teenager’ facetimes the boyfriend every evening and this keeps her happy, and thus keeps us happy.

So apologies for not writing much over the last few weeks, now I’m back online and will hopefully bring you some yummy new recipes and tips from the White Island of Ibiza.

Mi casa es su